Jazz Festival in Coutances, Normandy

The festival is an annual event and will take place from 8 – 16 May 2015 in Coutances, Normandy. The Normandy cows on the publicity material look like they’re having a blast! Please see http://www.jazzsouslespommiers.com/ for information about the artists and timings. #Coutances #Normandy #jazz #jazzmusic #jazzfestival Check this out on Google+

Gothic Cathedral in Coutances

A Gothic Roman Catholic cathedral constructed from 1210 to 1274 that incorporates the remains of an earlier Norman cathedral. Although much of Coutances was damaged during World War II, the building escaped relatively unscathed. Rising majestically above the town, it can be seen as far away as Jersey. Entry is free and it is open […]

Tour of Normandy Cycling Race

The annual Tour de Normandie cycle race started yesterday in St Lo, Normandy and will finish in Caen this Sunday 29 March. 24 teams are taking part including the newly formed Team Wiggins who are making their debut. For more information about the course, visit http://www.tourdenormandiecycliste.fr/ Shared by Chris of Gavray Gites #Normandy #cycling #cyclists […]

Normandy Tide of the Century

Great pictures from Sabina Lorkin of the ‘tide of the century’ (not sure why it’s called that as it happens every 18 years). I got up at silly o’clock this morning to watch the tide near to St Martin de Brehal in Normandy. What was a road quickly became completely covered by the sea enabling […]