Where To Buy The Best Bread in Gavray

There are three Gavray boulangeries all serving amazing breakfast pastries, bread and cakes. They’re all within a hundred metres of each other but are all equally as busy. I refer to them by the colours of the shop front so we have a red one, purple one and orange one. They each have a set […]

An Aerial View of La Manche Region in Normandy

La Manche region of Normandy’s characterised by its extensive coastline which surrounds a terrain of hedgerows, woodland and pastures (known as bocage). The video below highlights some of the key sights to see.  The miles and miles of coast are also home to pretty seaside villages and towns. Some of the aerial shots show Granville […]

I Found The Best Delicatessen in Gavray

The Andouillerie de la Baleine is a delicatessen in Gavray making a local speciality of andouille. It’s a sausage made of diced stomach and intestines seasoned in pepper and salt for a week. Perhaps not for the faint-hearted! The savoury mixture is then placed in individual intestines, smoked over beech wood and cooked for 6 […]

The Marché Normand in Gavray

Saturday 7th July saw the return of the Marché Normand in Gavray. It’s an annual event and the main street in the town is closed to traffic for the whole day for some family fun. It started at 10am with dancing from a local dance group who wear traditional Normandy costumes. At 11am the parade […]