Pegasus Bridge and Memorial

The Pegasus bridge and Pegasus Memorial Museum are located in B√©nouville and Ranville in the Calvados region of Normandy. D-Day Just after midnight on 5th June 1944, 6 aircraft from the 6th British Airborne Division carried out their mission. Part of this mission was to capture the bridges across the River Orne and the Caen […]

Granville’s Carnival Comes To Town

Granville’s carnival will take place from 1st – 5th March this year. It’s an annual event that lasts for five days and always finishes on the Tuesday of Mardi Gras. For details of the programme, you can check out the website here. This year is the 145th carnival in Granville and it’s one of the […]

A Gourmet Day Out in Normandy

For a gourmet day out in Normandy, the town of Lonlay l’Abbaye is the perfect choice. There’s even some history thrown in for good measure. There are five activities on the tour – three gourmet experiences, lunch and an abbey visit. The tours are run every Wednesday throughout the year. Places must be booked and […]

What To Do In Villedieu-les-Poeles

For inspiration of what to do in Villedieu-les-Poeles, visitors can take a look at the 2019 tourist guide. It’s produced in English and French and includes a map of the town to help you to plan your trip.   Villedieu is an historic town that once housed various artisan trades ranging from lacemaking to metalworking. […]

What I Love About Normandy

What I love about Normandy is a rather long list! So I though I’d focus on just one of the things I love: the Normandy coastline. Coastal towns and villages, harbours, sandy beaches, fantastic sunrises and sunsets, beach huts and seafood are just some of the highlights. Granville Granville is one of my favourite coastal […]

Tasting Typical Normandy Dishes

Coutances Tourist Office has written about 8 typical Normandy dishes. They’re widely available throughout the region and include Normandy specialities. This article is written in French and you can read it here. Their choice of Normandy dishes is:- 1. La tarte aux pommes √† la Normande This is an apple tart and has Calvados added […]

Visiting The Bayeux Tapestry

For tourists visiting the Bayeux tapestry, this guide gives you all the information you need. It is most definitely worth a visit and should be on your Bayeux bucket list. It’s probably what visitors associate the most with Bayeux. The tapestry is, in fact, an embroidery completed in the 1070s. The detail of the stitching […]

February Half Term in Normandy

Today is the first day of the February half term holidays in Normandy. Throughout France, holidays will last until the 8th March because different regions have alternative dates. For visitors to Normandy, there are activities to do even though it’s not the main summer season. For ideas of what to do in winter, visit this […]